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Hi, I am Bill McAuley. 

Bill and his cameras have covered everything from breaking hard news, crime, terrible bushfires and despairing droughts, to sport, politics, the arts and human-interest tales

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Portraits of the Soul

What is soul? And how do you capture it?

For me, the soul is the essence of an individual, the emotional energy that reflects his or her humanity. Using a camera is one way of revealing the truth about another person.

The photographer’s eye processes the capture of the image, but it’s his heart that decides when to fire the shutter. You capture soul by having the empathy to press the shutter the moment the subject is revealed.

Bill McAuley Portraits book01 copy.jpg

Some Images from Portraits of soul

What People Say ""

Jay Town, photographer

‘Portraits of the soul’ is an amazing journey in time through beautiful portraiture of the people who have helped shape our world and made a difference. Not only are the photographs outstanding, but the dialogue that accompanies a lot of the works provides a valuable insight into what the artist was seeing through his lens when he pressed the shutter button. I thoroughly recommend Bill’s wonderful collection

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